Survival and Flourishing

SAF awards small grants and service contracts for long-termist projects that don't yet have an institutional home. For larger grants to existing charities, visit SFF.

SAF’s first funded project competition

SAF has opened applications for its first funded project competition; see this announcement.

About SAF

Survival and Flourishing (SAF; /sæf/) is a newly formed Sponsored Project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs, a 501(c)(3) public charity (proof of sponsorship; proof of charity status). SAF’s mission is to secure funding and fiscal sponsorship for projects that will benefit the long-term survival and flourishing of sentient life, including but not limited to humans.

SAF works closely with the Survival and Flourishing Fund (SFF), a donor advised fund with a similar mission and overlapping leadership. While we share no formal relationship with SFF, SAF and SFF have complementary functions:

SAF’s website is currently under construction; when completed we will be ready to announce our first funding round.

Survival and Flourishing Team

Andrew Critch
Andrew Critch
Project Director & Governing Committee Member
Andrew Critch is currently a full-time research scientist in the EECS department at UC Berkeley, at Stuart Russell's Center for Human Compatible AI. He earned his PhD in mathematics at UC Berkeley studying applications of algebraic geometry to machine learning models. During that time, he cofounded the Center for Applied Rationality and SPARC. Andrew has been offered university faculty positions in mathematics and mathematical biosciences, worked as an algorithmic stock trader at Jane Street Capital's New York City office, and as a research fellow at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. His current research interests include logical uncertainty, open source game theory, and avoiding arms race dynamics between nations and companies in AI development.

Alex Flint
Alex Flint
Governing Committee Member
Alex is in residential monastic training at the Organization for Awakening and Kindness, a small monastic community in the San Francisco Bay Area. He also works as an independent AI safety researcher. Alex Flint previously worked as Staff Software Engineer at Cruise Automation, which creates autonomous driving technology. Alex joined Cruise after the company he co-founded, Zippy, was acquired. Previously, Alex was Head of Engineering at Kite. Alex holds a DPhil in Engineering from Oxford University and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Adelaide.

Eric Rogstad
Governing Committee Member
Eric works as a software engineer at CoinList. Previously, he worked at Microsoft and, was a founding engineer at and was co-founder of, a platform for finding, reading, and creating crowdsourced, intuitive explanations, developed partly in response to the observation that arguments about civilization-scale priorities like existential risk are complex and in need of better organizational tools for conveying them. Eric holds a BSE in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Duke University.

Julia Kerley
Occasional Administrative Support
Julia Kerley is an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley, majoring in Art Practice. She focuses her studies on three dimensional art and ceramics, and the relationship between ancient art forms and modern technologies. She's interested in funding and institutional structures that support non-profit work, especially art-related non-profit work.